What Tenderfoot can do for you

n. pl. ten·der·foots or ten·der·feet (-ft)

1. A newcomer not yet hardened to rough outdoor life; a greenhorn.

We offer several support services for people hoping to have a baby, those expecting and people who have had their baby.


My hypnotherapy services, based in and around Gloucestershire, can be of great benefit to anyone experiencing any kind of stress or difficulty in their life.  From fear of flying to weight loss, from stopping smoking to removing phobias, clients have reported great benefits from undergoing hypnotherapy with me.  I specialise in offering hypnotherapy to those experiencing fertility difficulties, anxiety and panic attacks, ante-natal or postnatal depression, or those recovering from trauma, as well as offering antenatal hypnotherapy for labour and birth.  Each session is tailored to your needs, and will change and adapt for you as we move through the sessions together.

I travel to client’s homes in and around Gloucestershire, and also provide consultations at The Camomile Rooms in Cheltenham.  Click here for more information on The Camomile Rooms

Our first meeting which normally lasts around half an hour is free.

Each session of hypnotherapy costs £45.

Antenatal Hypnotherapy Workshops

These workshops run in Cheltenham, and can help prepare you for your labour and birth, and enable you to get the birth you want.  From relaxation, and natural pain relief, to how you and your partner can stay connected during labour these workshops can be of great benefit whether you are expecting a natural birth or something different.

Rebirth Package

This is my exciting new service offering support after a birth which may have been traumatic, with outcomes you did not want or expect.  The Rebirth package takes place over three sessions. Rebirthing is the process of reframing your birth experience to make it into something you can think of in a joyful, positive way.  Click here to find out more.

The Tenderfoot Rebirth Package costs £200.  Click here for more information on rebirthing your baby.



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