Services and Prices


Fear Free Birthing Sessions-

Active birth, deep relaxation and hypnotherapy combined to help you prepare for your birth.  Each sessions lasts an hour, and includes techniques to stay calm, ways to use self-hypnosis to allow you to have a more relaxed, positive and empowered birth experience.  £45 per session or package From  £160 for four sessions, including support with your birth plan

These sessions take place at The Camomile Rooms in Cheltenham or 2&6 Therapy Rooms in Gloucester.

Doula Support

Antenatal and Postnatal Doula Support £25 per hour  (Visits normally last at least two hours)

Antenatal and postnatal doula support includes support with your birth plan, breastfeeding information and support, birth preparation and anything else you would like to include.

The doula support includes Specialist Breastfeeding Support from a fully qualified breastfeeding counsellor.

One to one Breastfeeding Support which can happen antenatally or after your baby has arrived.

For home visits over 10 Miles from Winchcombe mileage will be charged at the rate of 25p per mile.

Breech Baby Bootcamp             From £60 for 1 1/2 hour session

Have you been told your pregnancy is breech, and you will have to have a caesarean? Are you looking for an alternative to having your baby manually turned? I run a Breech Baby Bootcamp, a gentle alternative session which lasts for an hour and a half, including relaxation, exercises and manoeuvres to encourage your baby to turn and a moxibustion treatment, a herbal treatment which has a success rate of over 70%.  These sessions can take place at the Camomile Rooms in Cheltenham, or in your home.  During October I am offering a 10% discount on these sessions.  The ideal time to have them is between 34 and 37 Weeks pregnant, but they can work all the way until the time your baby is born.

For home visits over 10 Miles from Winchcombe mileage will be charged at the rate of 25p per mile.

Rest and Relaxation Sessions  £60 for a two hour 1:1 session.  Group sessions also available.

Rest and Relaxation workshops will be two hours and will help you explore ways to get the most out of rest and relaxation time; both for you and your little one.  You will learn more about deep relaxation techniques, how birth can affect you and your baby, ways to soothe and bond with your new family, why your baby is happiest when they are with you and safe sleeping practices.  You will leave feeling confident, calmer and with a belief in yourself.  Everything you could wish for to relax and enjoy a special time.

Book Group Sessions here

These can be booked as a one-to-one or two-to-one antenatal or postnatal session at the Camomile Rooms.

Tenderfoot Rebirth                   From £200 for the full package

Rebirthing is a special service I provide for women who have experienced any kind of trauma during birth, had a baby who was admitted to a special care unit or had any other incident which may have interrupted the mother/baby bonding time.  This process can really help you to connect with your baby, and your partner after the birth, and it can help with breastfeeding too.  Women who have suffered from postnatal depression or post traumatic stress have described this as a very healing experience, and something which has helped them to feel that they really are a mum. Tenderfoot Rebirthing is the process of reframing your birth experience to make it into something you can think of in a joyful, positive way.  It can be very effective with babies up to six months old, but also has benefits for older babies.  It can help with recovery from a traumatic or difficult birth, and bring you closer to your baby.  Babies with special needs or who have been in special care can find this experience very relaxing, and enjoy the skin to skin time with their parents.  It can allow you to have the experience you wanted, by combining hypnotherapy with total relaxation.  Rebirthing can also be helpful in situations where breastfeeding is difficult. Tenderfoot Rebirthing is done over three sessions, combining hypnotherapy, relaxation and support.  Click here for more details or contact me on 07771 882614.

For home visits over 10 Miles from Winchcombe mileage will be charged at the rate of 25p per mile.


At the Camomile Rooms in Cheltenham   £45 per session

At your Home                                         From  £55 per session

Discounts are available to those in receipt of benefits or working tax credits.  


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