Tenderfoot Rebirth

Rebirthing is a special service I provide for women who have experienced any kind of trauma during birth, had a baby who was admitted to a special care unit or had any other incident which may have interrupted the mother/baby bonding time.  This process can really help you to connect with your baby, and your partner after the birth, and it can help with breastfeeding too.  Women who have suffered from postnatal depression or post traumatic stress have described this as a very healing experience, and something which has helped them to feel that they really are a mum. Tenderfoot Rebirthing is the process of reframing your birth experience to make it into something you can think of in a joyful, positive way.  It can be very effective with babies up to six months old, but also has benefits for older babies.  It can help with recovery from a traumatic or difficult birth, and bring you closer to your baby.  Babies with special needs or who have been in special care can find this experience very relaxing, and enjoy the skin to skin time with their parents.  It can allow you to have the experience you wanted, by combining hypnotherapy with total relaxation.  Rebirthing can also be helpful in situations where breastfeeding is difficult. Tenderfoot Rebirthing is done over three sessions, combining hypnotherapy, relaxation and support. -The first session is time for you to talk through your experience, and tell me what you wanted from your birth.  You can do this by yourself, or with input from your birth partner if you wish.  During this session, we write a detailed plan together, of everything you want.  As this is your rebirth session, you are completely in control, you can decide what you want to happen and when.  You can use the music you had planned to use during your birth, or choose something completely different, you can keep everything as quiet and intimate as you would like it, you can choose aromatherapy oils or herbs to use during the session, anything which will help you relax and enjoy the experience.  The reason for writing this detailed plan is that it forms the basis of the second session, and the hypnotherapy session I will write for you.  This is completely personal to you, and designed to help you to visualise your baby, and the birth you had wanted.  These words can be very powerful and allow you to move on from the experience that you had. -The second session in the process is the Rebirth.  I will bring and set up a birth pool in your home.  You and your baby (and Dad or birth partner if they wish to) then enter the warm water and spend some time relaxing.  When you are ready you allow your baby to float lying on their back , with support, easing them into the water until they are submerged up to their shoulders.  This can help to recreate the experience of being in the womb, and helps your baby to remember the feeling of safety and security they had there.  At this point we can start your visualisation hypnotherapy, and help you to picture the birth you wanted.  While this happening you can bring you baby up on to your tummy and allow them to rest there, stroking and talking to them, and welcoming them into the world.  Sometimes this can encourage the baby to forget any difficulties they may have had in feeding and make their way to the breast, commonly called the ‘Breast Crawl’ (Click Here to see a video).  You can spend time having to skin to skin cuddles, getting to know each other in a relaxed environment, and reconnecting with one another. The process of rebirthing can take a couple of hours, and we can be flexible around your needs.  This is a relaxing, healing experience where both you and your new family are nurtured. The third and final part of the process is to meet again and discuss your feelings after your rebirth.  Reliving this experience and cementing it as a positive one can be the final part of reframing your birth as a positive, joyful occasion. If you would like to discuss a rebirth please contact me on 07771 882614, or email me rachel@tenderfoot.me.uk

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