A Beautiful Rebirth

A rebirth is something I offer to help parents heal after a difficult, traumatic or unexpected birth. This beautifully photographed rebirth can give you more of an insight into what it can do. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss this more. http://springphotography.com.au/herbalbath-rebirth Visit my Rebirth Page for more information….

Ante-natal Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Feedback from a client- I met Rachel through a friend when I was seven months pregnant with my second child.  I had a difficult birth the first time round, and how it was going to go this time was really, really worrying me, to the point that I was starting to have nightmares about it….

Slings and things

Come and have a look at what we have for sale, soothing balms, feeding necklaces and more     

Why you should use Ante-natal Hypnotherapy!

So here are just a few reasons why you should use Hypnosis to prepare for your birth- Hypnosis can- reduce the need for pain killers shorten labour reduce tiredness and boost energy levels during labour improve oxygen levels to mum and baby speed recovery from birth assist with the natural birth process allowing all your…