The power of having continuous support in labour (Testimonial)

If you are considering using my services, or hiring a doula, please read the testimonial below.

After a traumatic experience with my first labour which I didn’t feel went well I

was keen to have a more positive and less stressful experience the second time

round. As well as the physical recovery being a long one with my first birth

despite a normal delivery, I also found the emotional recovery hard. After much

discussion between ourselves as to whether we could just manage on our own and

whether a doula would be worth the money for us we decided to hire a doula for the

second birth. We were unsure to start with whether this was the right choice for

us, as having a baby is a very intimate experience and would having an additional

person in the room be of benefit or feel more like a hindrance? Would my partner

just be a spare part in the process and feel pushed out? After researching about

doulas and most importantly having spent some time getting to know Rachel we

decided to go ahead.


Rachel was fantastic and we think having a doula was a major reason the second

labour was a much more positive experience. I found I was able to cope much better

with the pain and Rachel had ideas of positions and things to try throughout the

labour and was a very calming and positive influence throughout the experience. My

husband found her very supportive and found we worked as a team throughout, no one

was pushed out and we both felt very at ease with Rachel.


I also had some ante natal hypnotherapy sessions with Rachel, which really helped me

deal with my anxieties about labour and helped me to relax during the pregnancy. I

was able to use the hypnotherapy techniques to relax in the evenings and focus on my

baby. I was also able to use some of the visualisation techniques from the

hypnotherapy sessions during my contractions which helped them to pass.


Looking back now, although we were unsure whether we wanted to spend the money on

having a doula, the benefit of having had a much more positive experience is

something which is priceless.The  memory of childbirth is something which stays with

you as a major event in your life. I am pleased to say that the birth of my second

daughter was a positive experience. Having  the emotional support and guidance pre,

during and post labour was invaluable to me and made a huge difference to how I

coped. Rachel was very understanding, supportive and non-judgemental and we can’t

recommend her highly enough.


Anna Maughan November 2013


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